Saturday, April 23, 2011

SEO Companies to Watch Out For


SEO is a marketing decision and like any marketing decision it should be well thought out before just jumping into bed with a seo company. Here are a few things to consider when looking for seo services.

The Guarantee

This is probably my least favorite thing to see when I look at an SEO company website or packages. Any quality seo company knows you cannot guarantee anything. We are at the mercy of search engines and they are constantly changing. Being up to date with seo practices and thinking out of the box is what builds a great seo service. Beware of the “#1 on Google” guarantee cause it probably ain’t happening.

Pre-Built Packages

This is a bit two-fold. I understand the want to offer a package as a seo company, but each project should be analyzed and looked at subjectively because each industry and project is different from the next. The seo package that works for one business may not work for another. This is why I like to offer a free website analysis and build a custom seo package to meet your needs properly.


Like the pre-built packages, content needs to be viewed as a UNIQUE venture for each project. This needs to be completely unique and industry or topic specific, if a SEO company is offering you TONS of content it is probably ripped from a competitors site and “spunn” in order to seem unique for you.


I have seen packages from seo companies that offer to optimize you for 30 or 40 keywords. On a grand scale its definitely possible and should be worked at, but in the beginning stages of getting your website ranked properly you want attention and focus on a smaller set of high traffic keywords. Quality not quantity!


Drew Poland is a web developer and internet marketer with several years of seo experience and marketing design. Click here for the website to his Bay Area SEO Company.

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