Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Social Media SEO Quick Tip 1


File this under Quick Tips; Social Media can change the way we deliver customer service to our customers..


Small business don't often build lots of media for their users, but really this is a big focus when you are trying to hit the social media hot button.

For those of you that have store fronts this is quick and easy. Get your smart phone out, or video camera even better. Make a quick video of your store front. Just walk in the front door filming and look around as if you were a customer.
Great, you just made your first video for your business! Now upload it to YouTube and post it everywhere you can imagine.

Author, Drew Poland, is a Small Business Web Consultant in the  San Francisco Bay Area and has 6+ years of self storage industry experience as well as a strong technical background. If you require SEO services for your self storage or other small business website, you can contact him here.

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