Monday, April 4, 2011

Online Marketing For Your Bay Area Offline Business


online marketing for small business google places and seo links

Many of my clients fail to realize that what they are doing normally, is called “offline marketing.” Basically, generating leads and making sales OFFLINE! Makes sense, right? Let’s hope so, that was pretty simple.

What I bring to these clients, is an online marketing presence. Through search engine optimization, Google Places, and link building, I can push their business to #1 online in their niche, industry, and location.

But Drew, you amazing genius (Hey-I’m just going by what my mom says!), what will that do for my self storage, construction builder, or accounting business? I’m glad you asked, what a smart potential client you are! (*hint hint* e-mail me!)

Without writing 10 pages of blabber: Increase your amount of customers! One very powerful tool I like to push is Google Places, especially if a company has a store front, talk about a goldmine! When I get you #1 on Google Places through my advanced and in-depth search engine optimization program, you will see a nice spike in foot traffic.

Keep tuned in for an article on Smart Phones and how they relate to Google Places and my unique marketing techniques for search engine optimization!

Drew Poland is a small business consultant in Fremont CA who specializes in web optimization, design, and local seo, including Google Places.

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